Asasira Justus - wants a PhD

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Asasira Justus - wants a PhD


Asasira is the Brighter Brains Institute “Uganda Ambassador” and he is an Associate Professor at Mbarara University of Science and Technology.

He would like to undertake a PhD program in Health Systems and Social Service mManagement (Development Studies). He would like to enroll at a Ugandan university where the cost of the program per year is tuition $2,800, research fees $1,500 per year and living allowance $300 per month.

Asasira is passionate about humanism.

His research emphasis in is maternal and child health. 

He focuses on the role of private health providers and will do a comparative study to explain the high rate of mortality among expecting/delivering mothers and their babies. This will inform policy at national level. 

He cherishes a health community which is key for human development. This fits in the national agenda for Uganda.

Asasira is looking for sponsors for his PhD program. 

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