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Ten Major Changes Since I Became an Ex-Muslim Atheist

by "Muhammed Ness" - a pseudonym used for safety

1. I no longer subscribe to religious beliefs like god, angels, heaven or hell. If i do good, its not for a reward of heaven and if i dont do bad, its not because i'm scared of hell.

2. I no longer have any space in my heart for the unnecessary hatred for christians,jews and basically anyone that is not a muslim.

3. I no longer need to pray to some imaginary Allah five times a day or starve myself during ramadan for no reason at all

4. I recently discovered pork to be quite tasty, I was forbidden to eat it as a Muslim. 

5. Why ever said drinking alcohol even in moderation was 'forbidden'? Islam. Good thing I'm no longer a Muslim. Alcohol is good for me. 

6. Since i don't really have a religion, i no longer judge or classify people along religious lines, all i see are human beings. Regardless of our beliefs, we are all capable of doing good or evil. 

7. I no longer fetishize virgins or viginity, whether the 72 imaginary ones in heaven or the ones on earth, i value experience.

8. I don't believe in the will of allah, there are scientifically proven explanations to all those things previously attributed to allah

9. I don't believe that mohammed is the messenger of Allah nor do i believe that he is the most perfect creation, he's just a human, no human is perfect.

10. I no longer believe in divine miracles,virgin births or prayers, i believe in what i can see or prove. I believe every son has a father, it takes two people to reproduce.

I have been a lot happier since i left the religion of islam.

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