Guidelines for Brighter Brains Institute’s Small Project Grants for Humanists

Brighter Brains institute has provided 71 project grants in the last five years, delivering funds between $250-$7,000 to humanist groups that are seeking economic sustainability.

In 2019, BBI is awarding 24 grants for small projects with budgets of $250.

The next deadline is February 25.

Guidelines are as follows:

  1. Applicants must be humanists; this can be proven with an essay, or recommendation from a humanist who knows BBI staff.

  2. Applicants get slight preference if they are affiliated with either: 1) Buhanga-Thuligahuma Women’s Group; 2) Nyakiyumbu Widows Association; 3) Kanungu Humanists Association; 4) Joy Women Group; 5) African Women’s Dignity Foundation; or 6) Nigerian Refugee Camp

  3. Organizations and groups receive preference over individuals. If you represent a group or organization, indicate this with copy of certification license, list of members, and photograph of members.

  4. Explain the project thoroughly. We are looking for unusual projects - we will not fund projects we funded before; this includes: pigs, chickens, tailoring.

  5. Budget must list all items needed and their cost.

  6. Explain how the project will make a profit; show a timeline indicating this.

  7. Include address, email, and phone number with a bank account attached to it (AirTel, etc.)

  8. Send everything in ONE WORD DOCUMENT that includes all information - to

  9. If selected, the recipient will get 30% of funds initially, with a request to make a sign honoring the donor. After photo of the sign is received, the remaining 70% will be sent.

  10. Two grants every month will be awarded from January-December. If you don’t receive a grant the first month, we can re-submit your proposal for the following month.