Tailoring Project - Katumba Women Teachers

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Tailoring Project - Katumba Women Teachers


Katumba Humanist School Women Teachers Collective

Tailoring Project

Location:  Katumba Trading Centre, Kirumya Sub County, Bundibugyo District

Project Leader:  (1) Madam Namusoke Anita - +256774950906


(2) Madam Muhindo Dinah 

(3) Madam Mutoro  Joy

(4) Biira Nurriet

(5)  Madam  Mbambu  Asinas

(6) Madam  Kabugho  Afusa

(7) Matron Ms Biira Oliver

(8) Nyakato Erina

(9) Biira Lakeri

(10) Biira  Rehema

Start-Up Funds Needed (Total Cost): MAXIMUM $500

Project Description: 

In an effort to uplift our selves out of the vicious circle of poverty, we felt the need to start up a tailoring project which will help to raise income to sustain our lives as women teachers since we teach at this school which has a large Number of orphans and this renders us to low pay hence failing to meet our house hold needs.

Describe Local Competition (if any) :  

There is little competition

Why do you think this project will make money?

The project will make money by offering the following services 

  1. Training women and the parents especially the widows of Katumba Parents Humanist School and local community members to acquire the Tailoring skills for Sustainable livelihoods.

  2. To minimize and reduce expenditures incurred in travel to a distant places for tailoring experts.

  3. It will create motivation in the School neighboring Community for extending tailoring services near to them.


Cost of Items Needed for Project

4 Sewing Machines 350,000 x 4 = 1,400,000 UGX

Transport 100,000 UGX

Inputs 100,000 UGX

Technical Support 200,000 UGX

Total: 1,800,000 UGX  = 500 USD


(How much profit is estimated? What do you base those numbers on?)

By Working on torn Clohtes , a fee is normally paid for the service. There are Neighbouring Schools which will utilize the tailoring services for their School uniforms at a cost. The project is a meager financial resource initiative that will generate regular income. One Machine generates 5000 UGX Which means 4 sewing machines will raise 20,000 per day . The Project will raise 140,000 per week and 560,000 UGX Equivalent of 155$ will be raised per month and 6,720,000 UGX annually which is equivalent to 1860$


(How long will it take to make a profit? How much money is expected monthly, annually, etc.?) 

It will take only one month to start making a profit monthly 155$ is expected and 1860$ is expected annually.


 (Describe how the profits will help the community)

Repair of Torn out Katumba Parents Humanist School Children’s Uniforms.

Profits raised will be used to buy Scholastic materials to the most needy and bright Children at Katumba Parents Humanist School.

Buying praises to the best performing children at Katumba Parents Humanist School e.g Mathematical sets, Exercise books, pens and pencils.

Contribute to school children’s simple Lunch

What did you learn from the Critical Thinking Workshop - that is valuable for your project’s success?

Magic and prayers do not work in a business - only personal commitment.

What did you learn from the Entrepreneur’s Workshop - that is valuable for your project’s success?

  • How to prioritize business products and services. 

  • How to keep proper records. 

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