Smoked Fish Stall for Sister Sisters Collective in Ghana

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Smoked Fish Stall for Sister Sisters Collective in Ghana


Smoked Fish Business for Sisiter Sisters Collective in Cape Coast, Ghana

PHONE NUMBER- +233242847984


PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Sisters -Sisters Women's Collectives are in to partnership business. what they do is they smoke fish for sale in their community and near by villages and towns.

LOCAL COMPETITION: The setbacks in their business is, they find it difficult to do their business when fish becomes scarce and expnsive to buy them because of their small capital. To their competitors,they have deep freezers so they are able to buy more of the fish and store them so whenever there is shortage of fish, they are able to produce more and even supply them to their own customers. As a result, they sometimes loose their customers to their competitiors.

This project will earn money bacause though there are competitors,but whenever you have more stock,the business goes on well.


A deep freezer cost $280.


GH25($6) are normally earned for a carton of fish.

Producing 3 cartons in a week will make a profit of $18

So in a month $72 will be earned..

Therefore annually, they will be able to earnede a total profit of $864.


It will help the women to provide the basic needs for their chidren out of the profit earned and also to support each other in the group. This will help to improve their living and the future of their chilren by sending them to school.


As an entrepreneur, the life span and sucess of our business depends on good management of the business. Also we need to be hardworking and be dedicated to our work if we want to succeed but going for a black magic or going to take anointing oil and other things from pastors will have nothing to do to improve our work.

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