Banana Juice Factory - for Katumba Humanist School

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Banana Juice Factory - for Katumba Humanist School


Banana Juice Factory Project - for Katumba Humanist School

Location: Katumba trading centre, Kirumya sub county, Bundibugyo district

Project leader:

Irumba Juma Siriwayo - tel: +256782872431 /+256705956122 


Start-up funds needed (total cost): $500

Project description: 

15 amazing benefits of banana juice

Banana juice health benefits includes supporting better digestion, promoting brain power, a popular dietary supplement, preventing stroke, enhancing the mood and relieving stomach ulcers. Other benefits includes getting rid of toxins from the body, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, relieving depression, supporting kidney health, strengthening the bones, controlling cholesterol level, combating free radicals, maintaining good blood pressure and supporting good vision.

What is Banana juice?

One of the most delicious fruit juice that everyone loves to have is banana juice loaded with all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals; bananas don't' just boost your energy levels, but also protects the body against many diseases.

Adding this gift of nature to your diet guarantees a multitude of benefits. Moreover, thanks to its healing powers, it also supports digestion and reduces the side effects of smoking.

Incredible Benefits of Banana Juice

Banana juice curbs your hunger pangs and helps you to overcome your sugar cravings. The juice offers a wide range of benefits which are listed as below.

1. Better Digestion

Thanks to the fiber content in bananas, they are one of the best fruits to support digestion. Banana juice promotes healthy digestion. It is also helpful in relieving constipation and other stomach ailments.

2. Brain Power

You can replace tea or coffee in your breakfast to replace it with a glass full of banana juice. Bananas are great for boosting the memory and this is why banana juice is recommended to kids for improving their cognitive capabilities.

The reason why this juice is good for the brain is because it contains potassium, which is an incredible element for enhancing mental performance and improving concentration.

3. A Popular Dietary Supplement

It is not uncommon to come across several dietary programs that rely heavily on banana juice. Since the juice has several minerals, vitamins and fiber; it is used as an important dietary ingredient in hundreds of weight loss-programs and popular recipes. Consume it daily to reap its many benefits if you want to speed up your weight loss journey. Moreover, the juice is also dubbed as the ideal fiber supplement to take care of hunger pangs and constipation.

4. Prevents Stroke

One of the most important benefits of consuming banana juice is that decreases the chances of experiences strokes to a significant level. Again, this is due to the high potassium content in bananas that guarantees a good heat health in fewer heart complications.

5. Mood Enhancer

If you are looking for a natural mood enhancer to lift up your spirits, trust in this juice’s capabilities to manage your body swings. The juice contains all natural sugars including sucrose, fructose and glucose that are beneficial in helping you feel better. This is why banana juice is highly recommended to exercise enthusiasts. If you drink up a glass of banana juice before your workout; you are sure to benefit from the added energy that you get from this fantastic juice.

6. Relieves Stomach Ulcers

Since bananas work great for stimulating the cells that form stomach linings, banana juice is a potent way to eliminate harmful bacteria that results in the formation of painful stomach ulcers. 

7. Contains Many Anti-oxidants

Bananas promote superior overall health, thanks to its high number of anti-oxidants. This is why it flashes out toxins and improves blood circulation throughout the body. If you consume banana juice with vegetables such as cabbages, you get incredible benefits to ensure better heart health.

8. Rich in Vitamins

Banana juice is one of the most nutritious sources of vitamins, including vitamin C, vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and vitamin B3. This factor alone makes banana juice a must have beverage to get good amounts of energy. These vitamins also improve the nervous system and enable our nervous to function superiorly. 

Vitamin B6 supports digestion and improves brain performance. It is also triggers the production of useful hormones that help in relieving stress. This is why banana juice is recommended to calm your nervous if you are experiencing stressful events.

9. Natural remedy for depression

As mentioned above, banana juice miraculously works to elevate your mood. This means it serves as a natural remedy to lift your stress. If you are feeling low and depressed for no apparent reason; drink up a glass of banana juice to elevate your mood.

Research also proves that regular use of banana juice reduces the chances of heart attacks and strokes followed by a stressful event.

10. Good Kidney Health

There are many useful compounds in banana juice to balance out the negative effects of salt. This makes it easier for the kidney to do their job. Hence, if you are experiencing troublesome kidney issues, drink up a glass of banana juice every day.

11. Strengthens the Bones

Since the juice is a rich source of fructoolisaccharide, it is great drink for boosting the production of probiotic bacteria. These particular bacteria allow the body to fully absorb important nutrients since it produces digestive enzymes and vitamins. Moreover, banana juice also shields the body from several microorganisms that lie within the digestive tract.

12. Controls Cholesterol

Banana juice also contains pectin, which is a solution fiber to maintain good cholesterol levels in the body. Since water soluble fibers reduce bad cholesterol levels (LDL) without affecting the HDL cholesterol, consuming this juice is a natural way to regulate a healthy cholesterol level.

13. Combats Free-Radicals in the Body

 Thanks to an abundance of anti-oxidants, banana juice does wonders to prevent any damage caused by free radicals. Potassium takes care of the heart and prevents the onset of many heart diseases to guarantee a good healthy heart.

14. Maintains Good Blood Pressure Levels

Again, potassium present in the banana juice makes sure that good blood pressure levels are maintained. The calcium and magnesium present in the juice ensures maintaining good blood pressure levels.

15. Good Vision

Research proves that bananas are great for improving your eye sight and also prevent the onset of many eye related disorders in the later years of life. Hence, regular use of banana juice will help you enhance your eye sight and steer clear of eye health complications as you grow older.

The product brand name will be named Katumba Champion Juice manufactured by Katumba Parent’s Humanist School. The product will be tested by the natural chemotherapeutic research institute and certified by the Uganda national bureau of standards (UNBS). 

The product will be sold in shops and supermarkets. This will be the leading school project that supplements other school project activities. 

The raw materials will be directly from one of the school gardens around the school since we have plenty of banana plantations.

Describe local competition (if any) :  

There is little competition

Why do you think this project will make money?

The  juice is  sold at a cost of  1000 UGX  per 300 mls at retail cost  and per production we estimate to produce  at least 20 cartons per month each carton is at  10,000 UGX  this means 20 cartons sales at 200,000 UGX which is 54$ per month.


Cost of items needed for project

1 weighing scale 200,000 x 1 = 200,000 UGX

2 fuel saving cooking stoves 90,000 x 2 = 180,000 UGX

2 big size soaspans 170,000 x 2   = 340,000 UGX

5 heat thermometers    40,000 x 5 = 200,000 UGX 

1 wrapping paper 150,000 x 1 = 150,000 UGX

1 carton packing materials (self sealing bottles) 300,000 x 1 = 300,000 UGX

1 Juice Extractor Machine   300,000 x 1   = 300,000 UGX

1 big size plastic drum 130,000 x 1 = 130,000

Total:  1,800,000 UGX   = 500 USD

Additional expenses


(How much profit is estimated? What do you base those numbers on?)

Estimated profit is 98$ per month, we base these figures after all operational expenses have been deducted from the estimated monthly income generated from the  project.


(how long will it take to make a profit? How much money is expected monthly, annually, etc.?) 

As soon after project inception in the first month of implementation the project will start making a profit right away.

98$ is expected monthly and annually 1176$

Community benefit

 (describe how the profits will help the community)

The profits will help in buying building materials for an orphanage center at katumba parents primary school (the humanist school).

The project will also help in buying scholastic materials to the orphans then bright and needy children.

What did you learn from the critical thinking workshop - that is valuable for your project’s success?

Magic and prayers do not work in a business - only personal commitment.

  • What did you learn from the entrepreneur’s workshop - that is valuable for your project’s success?

  • how to prioritize business products and services. 

  • How to keep proper records. 

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