Kanungu Pig Farm - needs $150


Kanungu Pig Farm - needs $150


Location:  Kanungu District, Rugyeyo
Project leader: Magara Robert
Phone number: +256784787473
email address: robertmagara2014@gmail.com

Start up funds Needed (total cost): $300 — needs only $150 more

Project Description: 

In Kanungu we need the pig’s fine nutritive manure for soil fertilization in our passion fruits farm and other gardens.

Food shortage will be solved by selling of young born piglets, pork whereby money will be earned.Fertilization on arable land will be done by using farm yard manure from piggery farm : school garden.


The only challenge expected can be the price of feeds. However, when feeding i consider the digestibility. So, I will cook the food or chop it up for things like grass,leaves like potato vines and peels. Leafy foods etc it is best to sundry for a day to get ride of toxins before they are fed to the pigs.

Why do you think this project will make money?

The breeding age is eight months. The gestation period for a sow is 114 days and on   average, litter is 10 to 14 piglets. The weaning age for the piglets is two months. The sow then rests for 14 days before the next breeding. Therefore, its reproduction encourage me this to be the next most viable project that will again help me reduce the costs of manure to support our other gardens of the school like the passion fruits farm. And obviously, the high demand of pork in the area.


cost of items needed for the project
Housing       $50
Vaccination     $20
Piglets  (10) $200
Feeds            $30

Total                      $300

How much profit is estimated? 


What do you base the numbers on ?

Every quarter, I estimate a sale of 15 adult pigs of at least 20 kilograms weight that cost $40 each x 15  = $600 in four month's. Therefore, 
Annual profit is estimated at $1800 


How long will it take to make a profit?
4 months.
How much money is expected;
Monthly : $150
Quarterly: $600
Annually: $1800

(Describe how the profits will help the community)

1. The profit is intended to pay tuition for the poor children that have enrolled in our school
This will help the parents in the community to save their little money for other basic needs in their households.

2. The profit will buy more food for the children at the kanungu humanist school. The community will get to know the  sustainable alternative income generating activities. The pig Farm project will benefit the single mothers through the supply of start -up breeds for pig farming including training and follow-up.  This project involves the introduction of a conservation friendly livelihood support system in the kanungu community. Through it, capacities of community members will be built on some alternative income generating activities aimed at improving their living standards, curbing hunger,poverty and malnutrition.

What did you learn from critical thinking workshop that is valuable for your project's success?

I learned  to act in a kind way to wards my community, family members and my neighbors. "These ;  provide the work , labour or voluntarism towards the success of every project. I can't do it alone." Humanism means respect for the human being, for a person regardless of age, sex, creed or race.

What did you learn from the Entrepreneur's workshop that is valuable for your project's success?

It's true ...part of entrepreneurship is passion. I need to do a project I'm very passionate too. In the toughest times when people are saying 'no' to me all the time. I learned to have that commitment to some set of people, to some idea to see through that and persevere" without believing in the witches.

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