Corn Farm for Kanungu Humanist School - FULLY FUNDED

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Corn Farm for Kanungu Humanist School - FULLY FUNDED


Corn Garden - for Kanungu Humanist School

Rugyeyo, Kanungu District

Project Leader: Magara Robert
Phone number, +256783597272


Project Description: The Corn Garden is prompted due to the Food situation in Kanungu caused by the consistent change of climate and the poor irrigation of crops. Posho is the main food served at least in every family in Kanungu. Its usually imported from Kampala or exported to our neighbouring countries like DR Congo, Kenya and South Sudan. More than 10,000 households are affected and many of them are sleeping on empty stomachs. Many children fail to grow, die or miss to go to school  due to starvation and hunger. So, the Kanungu Humanist School Corn Garden is done to avert the hunger situation. Feed the children, and to provide funds for the teacher's salary

Describe Local Competition:

Corn is the most consumed crop in kanungu. It provides corn flour, and animal feeds. Every family, or school at least every day eat the posho and porridge, yet there are few farmers that grow corn crop.

Why do you think this project will make money?

This project will make money depending on the prevailing hunger and starvation situation in the area. We are now in the Corn crop growing in the August season.

cost of items Needed for the project.
_ Food for the volunteers who will dig out the garden              $50

_ Seeds from kawanda   $60

_ Pesticides and the weed killer $80

_ crop/ garden maintenance  $40

_ water pipe to be used to apply irrigation $70

_ Fensing  the garden from dangerous animals ( poles and nails)  $30

_ Transportation of the harvested maize Cob to the store to make it ready for grindal processing (mixed with the soybean)         $70

TOTAL COST    =    $400

Additional Expenses:
No additional costs 


How much profit is estimated? $765

What do you base those numbers on?
Due to the high demand and supply of the maize flour in kanungu, I expect to harvest 2000 kilogram's from the planned 3 acre land of the maize crop garden. __ before processing, each kilogram will be at 700ugx.

700ugx times 2000kgs = 1,400,000/= ( about $392)
When processed ,  I expect to earn each kilogram at 1520ugx. 
SO, 1520UGX x 1800kgs( of the good quality) we call number = 2736000 UGX about ( $765).

The $400 cost input ( less ) $765 = $365

$365 is expected to be the Net gross profit after all the processes.


How long will it take to make a profit?

4 month's

How much money is expected monthly, annually etc?

The project will realize a profit after the 4 month's. Not monthly or annually!


Describe how the profits will help the community? 
Profits will pay the orphans tuition enrolled to our school, the maize flour will be cooked at our school  for breakfast and the lunch food for children. This means , we are also helping the families in this community that have no lunch food for their children. The school is serving the responsibility of the parent! to end starvation, hunger, poor health and poverty. We encourage saving.

What did you learn from the critical Thinking workshop -- that is valuable for your projects?

I now know that the ability to think critically is what makes me capable of tackling new challenges in this rapidly changing business market, in communities in which there are no longer jobs for life. I learned not to be lazy, to not accept information without examining it critically.

What did you learn from the Entrepreneur's workshop -- that is valuable for your project's success?

I learned that, communication matters; speaking to my team regularly keeps me up to date with how they feel and how my project is doing from their perspective.

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