Kanungu Garlic Farm - FULLY FUNDED -- THANKS

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Kanungu Garlic Farm - FULLY FUNDED -- THANKS


Kanungu Garlic Farm -


Location:  Rugyeyo  sub-county, Kanungu District

Project leader: Robert Magara

Phone number +256783597272
e-mail address: robertmagara2014@gmail.com

Start-up Funds Needed ( total cost ): $300

only needs $75 more

Project Description:

Garlic has a health amazing flavour and safe food. Our food program plays a vital role in improving the quality of day care and making it more affordable for many orphans, poor and other vulnerable children.  Farming; An effective means of raising income for the future school sustainability, access to income to continue supporting children those most in need.

Describe local competition ( if any ):

There is no competition since there is no any other farmer of this. We intend to be the lead Farmer.

Why do you think this project will make money?

The little garlic sold in the shops/ supermarkets is produced and imported from abroad countries. This is the reason why I think this is a viable project . Iam also targeting the local market!


Cost of items Needed for the project.
( include links or price tags to indicate costs)

Containers  ( wooden)     $50
Seeds/cloves for planting    $100
Mulch       $20
Soil preparation tools $30
Digging implement  $20
Baking soda $30
SEA-90 Fertilizer   $50

TOTAL                                    $300


How much profit is estimated?
What do you base those numbers on?

I expect an estimate profit of $1000.
I want to plant 500 cloves in the garden or more than this. It will produce bulbs that each will be sold at $2 .
I might be the only producer of this crop. So, there is an already market both locally or  the shops in Kampala.


How long will it take to make a profit?
How much money is expected monthly?, annually etc?

It takes about 3 -4 months.
When bulbs will dry out , the garlic will be supplied. I expect money after the 3-4 months not monthly or annually.


Describe how the profits will help the community?
The 70% of the profits will be used to cater for the tuition, buy food for the children at our school .30% will be used to extend the project to the rest of the community members to get the nearby seeds to grow more garlic for sale their own income.

What did you learn from the critical thinking workshop - that is valuable for your project's success?

The project has to remain an independent entity. Offering sacrifices to witch doctors or paying for magic potions is useless. I can't be inter feared by religion.

What did you learn from the Entrepreneur's Workshop that is valuable for your project's success?

I learnt that, to be successful, I have to work hard at my tasks, my ability, imagination, and intelligence, my willpower , will assist me to make a profit.

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