Piedmont Forest Kids (idea under consideration)

we explore, we learn, we grow!

Everyday we hike up & down Bushy Dell Creek, enjoying the nature with redwoods, oaks, squirrels, crows, and other creatures that make this fascinating area their home.

We meet at Piedmont Park in the morning, dressed in sturdy play clothes with healthy snacks in our backpacks. 

We learn about our world, plus arithmetic and reading!

Join us - you'll be happy. 


We would meet at Piedmont Park Playground - there's a lot to do nearby - the creek, the playground, grassy lawns, swimming pool, Japanese Tea House, Flower gardens, Mulberry's cafe, the fire station, police station, baseball field, track, football field. 

Putting "Forest" in the title associates us with nature and other ‘Forest’ schools. Having it in the same place everyday means we never have to drive. It is very shady on the creek so we don't have to worry sunburn and heat. 

Schedule would include

    Piedmont Park Playground – free play

    Games on the Grass (Tag, Team Races, Tug of War, & Hank-invented games like ’Stop the Cow’ ‘Find the Pennies’ & ‘Chase the Mouse’)

    Nature Learning (Bug Hunting, Leaf Collecting, Watching Birds)

   Snacks (Popcorn & Lemonade that the kids make)

   Hiking down the trail to the Piedmont High School baseball field, and playing observation games as we hike)

    Reading books to children about Animals, Nature, History of Oakland area

    Math Games, Alphabet Games, Theater Games, Music


Hank Pellissier Resume 

Hank Pellissier / 425 Moraga Ave / Piedmont, California 94611 / hankpellissier@yahoo.com / 415-309-3505

2004 -- Founder, Director of Bernal Kids Co-op in San Francisco  (now called Mariposa Kids) https://www.sfmariposakids.com

2006 – Co-Founder, Director of Mission Kids Co-op in San Francisco (website: http://missionkidsco-op.org/about/)

2007 – Founder, Director of Camp Fun-Run-Run in San Francisco

2009-Present – Education and Brain Development Writer for GreatSchools.org      https://www.greatschools.org/gk/author/HankPellissier/

(has written 95 articles, including:)

“Inside the Preschooler’s Brain” https://www.greatschools.org/gk/articles/preschooler-brain-development/

“Your Preschooler, Writing, and the Common Core Standards” https://www.greatschools.org/gk/articles/your-preschooler-writing-and-the-common-core-standards/

“How to Teach Shapes and Spatial Skills to Your Preschooler”


“Cool Ways to Teach Patterns to your Preschooler”


“The Science Behind Growing a Healthy Brain” 


“How to Pick the Perfect Learning Toy”


“Five Surprising Tricks for Keeping your Child Healthy”


 “Six Surprisingly Easy Ways to Raise Generous Kids”  https://www.greatschools.org/gk/articles/6-surprisingly-easy-ways-to-raise-generous-kids/

“Nine Tips for Keeping the Peace” https://www.greatschools.org/gk/articles/9-tips-teaching-kids-forgiveness-keeping-peace/ 

“How to Raise a Kid who Won’t Quit” https://www.greatschools.org/gk/articles/how-to-raise-a-kid-who-wont-quit/

2013-Present – Founder, Director of Brighter Brains Institute

(built two orphanages, two preschools, two primary schools, and two secondary schools in Uganda) 


MA Humanities

Early Childhood Education units in Math & Physical Education (UC Santa Barbara)

CPR/First Aid Certified