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by Mubarak Bala

I ascertain, that I understand Humanism and live my life as a humanist, with human, and all life interests in mind, as well as environment, and the good of the planet.

I believe the future of our human species, is determined only by natural occurrences, and it is up to us, humans to determine our destiny, for good.

I know that the imagined gods and angels, the devils & demons, magic and illusions are all part of a grand superstitious belief system, enforced by uninformed humans and over pampered institutions that hitherto contributed nothing positive to the journey of life, and nothing to the betterment of humanity; only science and reason, fed by enlightenment, rational thought, and education, changed our collective destiny for good.

I know well, that books normally called holy, by religions, such as the Koran, the Bible, Egyptian Book of the dead, or the Bhaghvad Gita, are clueless books that came from ancient folklore, and mythology. Allah, YHWH, Anubis, Krishna and Thor, are only stories of imagined monsters to scare the gullible and give power and resources to people undeserving of such.

I totally understand that as I was before I was born, inexistent, this is how my life would be, after I die, not existing, and just as I was neither suffering nor enjoying myself a thousand and a million years ago, this is how I will be, after my neurons die out. I am satisfied with this existence, and would do my best to live it fully, without harm to others; The imagined green gardens of paradise, heaven, an afterlife, with all the goodies of heaven, sex and dancing are all wishful thinking from desert beaten folks who hope to have a longer, more fulfilling life.

I know that prayer is a waste of time, and may only be forced to worship, out of fear that I may be harmed, or ostracized from society, otherwise, I am free and a realist. I also know that temples worship such as shrines, blood sacrifice, body parts for ritual, mosques and churches have no power, and wield nothing. Physics does not obey magic. Chemistry is not alchemy. Biology is evident in medicine and yes we evolved. We did not come from ribs of others, nor did we emerge from the blue eyes of giants.

I know that religion is a hindrance to human progress, and an inhibitor for our hegemony and unity. I see faith to dogma as an unnecessary indoctrination suffered from childhood perpetuated, sadly parents who hand us over to priests and clerics without caring if we were abused or traumatized. I pledge to never do such to innocent children under my care and guardianship.

I am a proud member of Humanists Global, and would in any capacity, uphold the humanist ideal, as the 10 Humanist Principles by the Humanist Global endeavor. I support the right of people to their own bodies, and equal rights for all gender and sexuality, I support democracy as the best way for a people to determine their governments, I support the child's right to education and oppose abuse such as the Almajiri System and other Childbride practices ignored by governments.

I am honest in all my relationships with others, just I have empathy towards others.

By membership to Humanists Global, I understand it allows me the opportunity to apply for the Entrepreneurship Project Grants and I understand I would lose this privilege if I do not act in accordance with the paragraphs of this oath.

I pledge myself, now and in the future, to be a Humanist activist, wherever and however I could, safely, and would do my best to encourage others to consider or live upto the Humanist worldview.

I understand, my acceptance of this oath gives Humanists Global the right to advertise to the public that I am a humanist (at least to the saner audience out there, or generally to the public, if it is safe).