Sekizivu Spire - Makerere University Freethinkers Club

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Sekizivu Spire - Makerere University Freethinkers Club


Sekizivu Spire is a member of the Makarere University Freethinkers Club. 

He is studying to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, and his goal is to become a lawyer.

He became a humanist because (in his words): 

“I was brought up in a protestant family and attended Catholic school for my secondary education - I grew up a religious person. 

After my father sadly passed away when I was in my Senior six grade, most of the advice I was getting was to lean on god to see me through the trying time and also depend on god to pass my mock examinations which I was not prepared for. When mock examination results were out, I had failed miserably and no matter how much I prayed, I didn't feel any better and I realized my grades solely depended in my effort and nothing else. 

This forced me into asking a lot of questions about the existence of god and doing all kinds of research. From which I came to a conclusion that there is no god."

After realizing that only my efforts will get me good grades. I put in the effort and passed my finals. It was time for me to move onto university and start chasing my childhood dream of becoming a lawyer. However, my dreams were short lived since there was no one to pay my tuition and if I had to go to university, I had to figure it out on my own. I got a several jobs and did a lot of saving but couldn't meet the high tuition fees of law school which forced me to settle for business administration at Makerere University. But my struggle continues as I'm now in my 5th year in a 3 year course due to financial difficulties. 

Any help afforded to me shall very much be appreciated because my dream of enrolling into law school still stands and I will stop at nothing to try to become a lawyer. 

I believe that we as humans are capable of existing in an ethical society based on values, needs, interests, abilities, dignity and freedom and also that if the concept of religion and the belief in super beings can be carefully extracted from the minds of people, our society would develop a lot faster and we would get a better and clear understanding of the world we live in. Which is why I’m grateful to the Free Thinkers Club Makerere, the two years I have been a member, I have been able to not only grow as a humanist but also question nearly anything.”

Name: Sekizivu David
Contact: +256 704979178, Email:
Account number: 01441155939840 DFCU Bank (Sekizivu David)
Semester tuition: Uganda shillings 1,150,000
Course name: Bachelor of Business Administration

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