Don Mugarura - Makerere University Freethinkers Club

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Don Mugarura - Makerere University Freethinkers Club


Don describes how he became a humanist below: 

“I grew up in a multi-religious family. I had Muslim, Christian and Tradition African Religion (Witchcraft) members. A point came, I wanted to dedicate my life to Christ and be serious with my faith, but I wanted to be sure what I believed was true. So I examined first my Protestant faith, then my relative’s Faiths. But they all fell short.

I wasn’t convinced something like a god existed especially amidst the suffering that was around me. Most of which was from these superstitious beliefs, like child sacrifice, cult following, faith healing, etc. But it was still important that we live in a world that was good for all of us. Whether one believed or not, we are all still human sharing the same reality, needs and challenges. 

When I look back, my only “salvation” was critical thinking, that’s what broke the chains of superstitious thinking. It is a method I apply to everything and want everyone else to do the same. So I became an Atheist, then an Atheist activist because I wanted to do something about mind-set change in my community.

I began seeking out like-minded people for community and that is how I found out about the Free Thinkers’ Club at Makerere University from Mr. Kato Mukasa. Then Fiphy Khatondi who runs the club, and also helped me through the process of application for the Bachelor of Laws. I passed thanks to her guidance. 

This opportunity for funding from Brighter Brains Institute will be perhaps the greatest enabling assistance in my life. Assistance for which I will forever be grateful, without which my studies may never continue. This will immensely change and save my life. 

We are all human. Doing good without god is profoundly gratifying for me. It’s a purpose for which I have chosen and will continue to share. Because it restores human dignity, respect for life, equality, tolerance in diversity, Scepticism critical thinking and reliance on the best methods like science, peace, education, democracy and the general flourishing of human wellbeing. 

I believe our success as a species is attributed to our collaborative tendencies and therefore feel obligated to be the best human I can be for others. To keep trying to be the human I want to see in the world.  

Thank You.

Mugarura Don.

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