Mary Biira (DR Congo) Ex-Catholic wants to be Biology Teacher - needs $120

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Mary Biira (DR Congo) Ex-Catholic wants to be Biology Teacher - needs $120


Mary Biira

Address, VILLAGE:   Mutsora  / DISTRICT:  Beni district / PROVINCE: Nud kivu / COUNTRY: DR.CONGO

Email address -

Phone:  +256779756227………(MARY BIIRA)…….MTN UGANDA - Bwera


Subject: Physics and biology

Career: A teacher of biology

Why I am now a Humanist,

I was born a catholic and my parents are Catholics. I must be sincere, I started attending church services and I was listening to sermons in church and watching people pray to plaster statues while I was looking at the live plants, candles arranged at the altar and praying to nature. Slowly, I began to theorize that God is in nature, indeed is nature. The mysticism I was hearing just didn’t jive with the reality I was witnessing in the world. How could a loving benevolent God be allowing so much strife, death and suffering to occur to all the living things he loves in the world he created? More and more I began to think, where does all the supernaturalism and mysticism of religion fit into all of this? Nowhere I can think of. I totally rejected religion and joined humanism world where we think and reason to find the solution to our daily problems and survive. I apparently was born with the ability to reason, to analyze situations and am now happy to be a humanist in Democratique republique du Congo am an ex-christian.

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