Passion Fruit Orchard (for Humanist Orphan Centre Kenya) - FULLY FUNDED

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Passion Fruit Orchard (for Humanist Orphan Centre Kenya) - FULLY FUNDED


Passion Fruit Orchard - for Humanists Orphan Center (Kenya) - needs $130

Passion Fruit (a vine) is the 3rd largest agricultural export from Kenya. A single fruit has 9% of the daily requirement for Vitamin C, 8% of Vitamin A, and 2 grams of fiber.

Brighter Brains Institute is working with our partners, the Humanist Orphan Centre in Kabar Village, Kisumu County, in northwestern Kenya.

We have secured land that can be turned into a thriving fruit farm. We will plant tree fruits that grow very quickly and will be able to feed orphans and vulnerable people in the community. The project will generate income to sponsor vulnerable orphans to finish schools, it will help us put more children in our feeding program, and it will give the orphans materials they need to become positive people in our society.

Students from the local Maseno University and Moi University will assist us, along with the help of 100 villagers. Our goals are to educate Kenyan society about the effect of climate change, provide food and income for the vulnerable orphans, and promote the vision of Humanists Global / Brighter Brains Institute.

The children, organization members and the community will plant the passion fruit (it is a long vine). Once the orchard is planted, it will be fenced by barbed wire to prevent animals from eating the fruit and prevent trespassers.

For irrigation purposes, we will construct a water well. This will also be advantageous to the community who do not have access to water. 

The community will be educated about the importance of planting trees and how it can help attract rain.

Our mission is also to teach people how human potential, experience and reason can contribute positive things to the society rather than relying on superstition and blind faith to solve problems.

Success of this project relies on efficient monitoring. Fruit trees planted shall be monitored by the Humanist Orphans Kenya.

The Project will provide income to sustain programs at Humanist Orphans Kenya like paying school fees, and buying supplies. Project will educate the community about the importance of planting trees to fight climate change.


Fruit tree seedlings - $24 / Transportation - $5 / Consultations - $5 / Hoes $16 / Watering Cans $16 / Water Pump $25 / Fertilizer - $18 / Fencing - $30 / Maintenance $11 / TOTAL $130

Explanation of the Budget

Seedlings: The cost of one seedling is Kshs.  

Transport: Seedlings are sold in Kisumu, 50 Kilometers from the farm. We will hire a pickup truck to deliver the item to the farm.

Survey and Consultants: We need the advice from an agriculture officer to survey the land and do soil testing. He will recommend the types of fruit trees that can survive on the climate and the kind of fertilizers and irrigation method to use to maintain the fruits.

Farming Hoes and Watering cans: We need hoes to dig the holes to plant the trees. Once the trees are planted, they will be irrigated using the watering cans.

Installing water on the farm for irrigation: The farm is not located near any water source but has a seasonal water point that dries up when there are no rains. The area receives little rain and it means we have to install water. The water table is not far from the surface and we will dig a well that will supply the farm with water.

Fertilizers: Soil in the area must be supplemented with fertilizers to make fruit trees grow well. Fertilizers are sold in bags - three bags will be enough.

Fencing the Farm: Once the farm will be planted, it will be fenced by barbed wires to prevent animals from eating the trees and to prevent trespassers. We will use barbed wire fence and also make a gate that is locked and only allowed by authorized people. The collective cost includes the barbed wire fence, the posts and labor.

Maintenance: Project will be maintained with daily irrigation and weeding. 

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