Gandu Exclusive Film Costumes (Nigerian Ex-Muslims) - needs $280


Gandu Exclusive Film Costumes (Nigerian Ex-Muslims) - needs $280


Names: Maimunatu Abdullahi Musa, Balaraba Giwa, Hafsah Abba

Contact person: Maimuna Abdullahi

email: <>

Location: Gandun Albasa Kano, Nigeria. 

Phone no: +2349081978532

Bank: First Bank of Nigeria, Account # 3116535475 

Reason we are humanists:

I was sold into marriage in the middle of my secondary school, and I now have three children at age 24, I could not continue schooling, all this is because my father died and I had to become a woman at 16. 

I realized my family too, fear that if they do not do this, some foreign deity will punish me and them, this is the story of most of us that chose to go back to school, young and divorced. This is where I met these other girls, and we decided to set up a business in tailoring. We eke out a living and no longer have to live within the clutches of religion. We all are now humanists, with varying degree of understanding about life. We endure until we can be totally free. 

Project Description:

We source materials in the market, sew and design clothes for film makers to buy for the background songs in Hausa films, Kannywood.

It is normally a one-use gown, colorful, cheap, and simple. We get orders in bulk, thus how profit comes. We tailor it in in time on deadline, and afterwards they sell the clothes back to us at cheaper rate, so we can make children's clothes with the same, more like recycling. 

The second hand clothes, we give almajiri kids and little girls like my own, whose male parents have divorced and abandoned. 

We hope to get more capital to buy materials and design pre-order, then send pictures to producers so they would select, without waiting for their orders and funding, saves time. 

We hope to also train more girls in our school, divorced or growing, training them in this booming market of costume designs in Africa's largest hub, Nigeria. 

We hope to make it a Wakanda in real life, colorful, and elegant. 

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