Sweater Knitting Project - African Women's Dignity Foundation (Uganda) - FULLY FUNDED

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Sweater Knitting Project - African Women's Dignity Foundation (Uganda) - FULLY FUNDED


SWEATER KNITTING PROJECT - African Womens Dignity Foundation

Board members:
1. Mrs. Ithungu Grace
2. Mbambu Juliet
3. Pelucy Biira
4. Masika Jovia
5. Biira Oliva

Do You agree with the Humanist Oath? - YES

Location: Kizungu, Kasese-Uganda
Contact person: Ithungu Grace
Contact person’s email: africwomen@gmail.com
Your Bank, Bank Account #, Full Legal Name on Bank Account:
phone +256 (0)782279645 MTN

address Kizungu- Kasese-Uganda

We are Ex-Christian because of commercialization of the church.

Project Description:
This project has been selected by the members of African Women’s Dignity Foundation to equip knowledge and skills into the members in sweater knitting and designing by the use of knitting machine. The organization will buy the two boxes of threads which will act as the start up training materials for the women who will be making the sweaters.

There is a high demand of knitted sweaters by the schools for pre-schools, primary, secondary and higher institutions of learning who needs sweaters. Therefore, African Women’s Dignity Foundation will
partner with schools to ensure abundant market of our products. Secondly, the produced sweaters will be designed and branded by painting the sweaters with names of different schools with whom we
will have partnered with. The funds gained from the Sweater knitting project will help to reduce the vulnerability of women in the project area as well as servicing of knitting machines and purchasing
more materials to ensure continuity of the project.

Project Budget

Purchase of knitting machines 200
Purchase of tables 40
Purchase of boxes of threads 60
Total $300

Project Projected Income
This project will be able to earn $ 171 on a monthly basis, therefore the project is will be able to earn $ 5.7 on daily basis.

Who Benefits from the Project?
The members of the organization will be the direct beneficiaries and their family members will be the indirect beneficiaries of the project

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