Furniture Rental - Joy Women Group (Uganda) - FULLY FUNDED

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Furniture Rental - Joy Women Group (Uganda) - FULLY FUNDED


JoyWomen Group

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Benches and Tables for Rental

Members: Masika Annet, Mbambu Levina, Kabugho L, Asimwe Jeska, Kyakimwa Cosolate, Kamalha Misulesi, Tudu Jackline, Biira Jackline, Musoki Brijet, Musoki Jovia, Mbambu Mwemina, Kyomugisha Rose, Ithungu Sharon,  Musoki Praise, Masika Jenia, Muhindo Melvin, Asimwe Win, Alinetu Jenifa, Nanyonjo Adjah

Humanist Organization You Belong To: Uganda Humanist Association

Project Location: Kizungu Cell, Nyakasanga Ward, Nyamwamba Division, Kasese Municipality

Contact person: Mbambu Lavina

Contact person’s email address:

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My Name is Mbambu Lavina an Ex Christian, am a humanist, I left my religion because of three reasons:

1.      My religion told me to believe in what I don’t see e.g to believe in god, Jesus and holly ghost. I was afraid.

2.      The church told me to give offering to the church leaders blessings in turn; no blessings were received and instead I saw church leaders eating the money and not taking it to heaven.

3.      I left religion after my religion was against my personal affairs like having sex with my boy friend; the religious people told me it is a sin that will take me to hell.

Project Description:

The project will involve Purchasing 40 benches and 2 big tables for hire to generate income for women of  Joy Women Group. 50% of the money that will be generated will be used to top up the savings and loans scheme cash of the group. This will increase the value of loans that will be taken by each member. And another 50% will be used to purchase more benches and tables to make the project sustainable. In this project women will hire out the benches to the community targeting introduction parties, funerals, weddings and community meetings.

As about Local Competition, there is no service provider in Kizungu with benches and tables for hire. Joy Women group will be the only service provider.

.Project Budget:

40 benches = $ 231

2 tables 250,000 = $ 69

Total =300

Project Projected Income

 We project that this project will make $ 44 per month. We expect that at least the benches and tables will go 4 times a month, Each time they are hired we expect $11 (weekly).

Who Benefits from the Project? The 25 members of Joy Women Group will benefit from the project. The community members will get the service nearer

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