Decoration & Events Management (Uganda) Pearl Vocational Humanist College - FULLY FUNDED

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Decoration & Events Management (Uganda) Pearl Vocational Humanist College - FULLY FUNDED



At Pearl Vocational Training College among the practical courses we offer is decoration and events management. We began this hands-on course at the very inception and we are proud of the fruits so far attained.

It Should be further noted that Pearl is a Community College and in a rural setting and this course has gone an extra mile in answering the cry of many young people who wanted to acquire modern techniques and skills in decoration as well as learning how to handle events in our community and beyond.

In this department we have managed to acquire the basic and vital tools to use in the training sessions but as of now, we want to beef up this section with more items in a bid to go commercial and have it as another small income generating project to help in the smooth running of Pearl activities.


In dealing with the rural populace, we have indentified a big vaccum in that our people find it hard to get the needed items to run their functions (both small and big occasions) especially items like decoration clothes, flower pots, tents and Plastic chairs. This has stirred us to think of starting small by acquiring at least a first batch of 50 plastic chairs as a way of going commercial through this department.

Reality is, our people often times have functions like birthday parties, baby naming ceremonies, funerals, weddings but are constrained in getting such plastic chairs to attend to the congregation (audience). We therefore strongly believe that when we acquire these chairs it will be a BIG STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION.


To set up a fully-fledged decoration and events management project that will enable the rural people especially the youth acquire practical training and skills in line with handling events in a bid to empower them become financially independent as well as having an income generating activity as Pearl Vocational Training College.


We intend to skill many more youth in our community with skills on how to manage events in the best and modern way so as to make people's occasions and ceremonies memorable and colourful.


This decoration and events management project will be situated in Nakatooke village, Kkingo sub-county, Lwengo District with Pearl premises as the main coordinating centre.


We have realised the need to train people in multi-tasks including how to handle events after seeing the gap in our community but we are at times constrained with materials to use.

Many people especially the youth lack skills in decoration yet they would be able to earn a living through this course. As PEARL, we always do a needs asssessment and spot the vaccum though our limited resources can't allow us attend to all the demands in our vicinity.


We believe that the following items will go a long way in helping us achieve this dream;

1. 40 Plastic chairs@$7= $280

2. Decoration clothes = $20 (we shall utilise Pearl Tailoring department to make these clothes)



We have had this course running at Pearl and this implies that we have competent trainers in this department. We therefore intend to employ more tutors and field officials as we go commercial. We shall also spare a room at Pearl to act as the main coordinating office for this decoration and events management project.


In line with the research we made, 01 Plastic chair will cost us *25,000* ug. Shs and we shall hire it at *500* ug. Shs per the function. Therefore with *40* plastic chairs we shall be able each and everyday they are hired out to get *20,000* ug.shs which will give us *160,000* ug. Shs every month bearing in mind that we shall be hiring them twice a week ( Saturday and Sunday) not forgetting other functions Which may happen in week days.

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