D-Murruchy Furniture Skills Training (Nigeria) - needs $287

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D-Murruchy Furniture Skills Training (Nigeria) - needs $287


D-Murruchy Furniture Skills Training

by Freeman Isah Rabiu (Nigerian Humanists Association)

Location: No 41 Kwate by Karaye road Rigasa Kaduna.

Contact person: Freeman Isah Rabiu

Contact person’s email address: isahrnuhu@gmail.com

Bank: Access Bank

Account: 0041436811

Name on Bank Account: Isah Nuhu Rabiu


Jigsaw: $55.20

Cycler saw: $77.30

Hand Driller: $41.30

Angle Grinder: $77.30

Sander: $35.89

Total: $287

Projected Income:

Running the project as prototype, we recorded significant demand on heterogeneous products/services from last year June 2018 till date. Recorded transactions on contract include the construction Sofa sets in June/July 2018 out of which a profit of N25000 was recorded but such profit was shortened by the cost of rent for hand machines/tools. The output of such projects leads to a new contract of a sales store chair in September 2018 from which we recorded profit of N8000. In January 2019 another contract of sofa sets revitalization come in place out of which a profit of N10000 was recorded after all expenditure. From April to June 2019 we recorded 2 contracts of sales shops installation and fittings out of which we recorded a profit of 23000 collectively. In July/ August 2019 we recorded another contract of new sales shop settings at a price of N60000. Such work was anticipated to pay a profit of N20000 but due to some constraint resulting from rent of machines/dependency upon friends workshop, we experienced a loss of N10000. There are several other minor contracts recorded such as single tables, bench and chairs which profits range from N1000, to N4000 at different time throughout our prototype period. While we let go of several profitable contracts due to lack of capital equipment, we still have various potential demands motivated by the standard output of our products and services.

Who Benefits from the Project?

The direct beneficiaries of this project are young people of Rigasa community who will benefit from both economic impact of skills training and new orientation for effective sustainable development. Other beneficiaries include both our potential and real customers who will benefit from quality and affordable products we offered in the competitive market. The project as a part of a social enterprise operation currently on prototype will also develop and maintain a multiplier impact on both economic and social development in Kaduna State and the country "Nigeria" in general.

At Aba, Abia state Nigeria training Corp. members of the basics of furniture fabrication during my national youth services year 2017. And in Rigasa Kaduna state 2018/2019, training interested young people on both furniture/capentery.

Explain why you are a Humanist/Atheist:

I'm an Ex-Muslim who happened to grow in an environment with diverse cultures dominated by 2 major religions Christianity and Islam. From younger age, i purses higher intelligent and emotional quotients from childhood, which enables me to understand the concept of humanity that religions claims to teach, yet end-up abusing the people. I was suspicious about religious teachings from my early stage of life, considering the context of individual behavior among religious people in my community, out of which from the age of 5-10 I usually ask within myself, my parents, and teachers a lot of questions that happened to be miss-answered. At my teenage ages, I begin to realize some symptoms of social conflicts/wicked social problems enforce by religions through which our communities lean sentiments, discrimination, violence, and terrorism. This problem leads to ethnocentric crisis of Zangon-Kataf in Kaduna State around 1991, and such incidence motivated my suspicious mind, leading me agnostic for long as I understand that we can't possibly develop destroying one another.

With an Illustrated ignorance of people, religious preachers keep preaching violence and hate while the communities embrace it. And as that result, serious religious crises emerge in Kaduna at the year 2000 and 2001 called Shariah and Mrs.-world crisis that leads to killings/lots of innocent lives, segregation and social deterioration within Kaduna state, while other northern states follow our footsteps in the deep mess.

For these I fully embrace and preach humanity as the only solution that will rehabilitate the societies and bring us closer together, while maintaining the religion of my parents (Islam) as a party of belonging I also keep company of Christian friends by majority to make wider Impact.

Around the year 2006 a new set of Islamic terrorist begin to emerge called Boko-Haram. Out of my predictions, I earlier suspect Boko-haram movement to end up with terrorism and for that, i begin to preach against it. While majority of northern Muslims then thought it will be their savior. For this, I faced and overcome a lot of environmental and social pressures. But after the situation get worst, some people begin to trust my intelligence. With Boko-haram, I then fully understand that the future can only be worst if we don't change, for I knew that we can't solve our problems employing same method of thinking we use in creating them. So, I started going against religions completely for my understanding, it's causing more harm than good in our societies.

I was a student of international tourism management in Kaduna Polytechnic. During my HND period, a course "Art, Heritage & Culture" introduced me to a topic call religion, though which I understand all religions as nothing more than cults. And with curiosity, I extended my research to the contributions of many authors and distinct personalities. I study the life and perceptions of prominent people like Mahatma Gandhi, Mark Twain, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Richard Dawkins, Omar Khayyam, Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Hawking and many others. Jacque Fresco is my mentor for his contributions on community development/science of behavior "The Venus Project" and with my understanding of the history, life and teachings on Jiddu Krishnamurti, I finally become an atheist.

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