Corn Grinder (Posho Mill) To Support Humanist Orphan Scholars in Kenya - needs $280

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Corn Grinder (Posho Mill) To Support Humanist Orphan Scholars in Kenya - needs $280


Background Information

Humanist orphans Kenya is a nonprofit making, legally registered humanist organization with the Kenyan government, whose main aim is to react to the challenges that affect children in Kenya. The organization aims at providing support to vulnerable children, orphans, poor households, children suffering from Albinism and families affected by the scourge of HIV/AIDS; through supporting education, health, and nutrition. On top, the organization promotes Secular humanism, Skepticism, rationalism, and Atheism.

Currently, with the few resources, the organizations has managed to establish a big resource center with a library and furnished with computers. Apart from that, 30 orphans are fed at the center, given education, and the basic needs that they require to lead a healthy life. 

Problem Statement

Since 2015, the organization has sponsored orphans to get quality education and get a good future. We have always provided them with uniforms, paid their school fees, and gave them the basic needs they require to lead better lives. However, the resources we have can only allow us to take them through primary school level and it means that when they are through with primary school, we do not have the capability of paying the high fees to secondary schools and college. Abandoning the orphans we have raised through primary level because of lack of resources to take them further is hurting. We always have heart breaks when we cannot take the bright students to further their studies. This is the reason the organization is seeking to open many income generating activities such that we can rescue the orphans and manage to pay their fees through to secondary schools and colleges. Our experience in business is rich since we have already established a Popsicle machine business that is helping in the feeding program and we have also invested in fruit tree planting which will be able to pay for school fees, only that the fruit trees will start generating income after 3 years. 

 Electric Maize Grinding Business

Electric Maize Grinding Business (in Kenya the machine is called Posho Mill) is a profit making business in the village where we operate. We are confidence that if the organization can operate the business, it can assist some of the humanist scholars who are stranded because of lack of school fees to further their education. In this area, the staple food is Ugali, which is maize flour cooked to form a kind of a bread and eaten with many other food. The people in the area rely on the maize grinding machine to turn their maize into flour. The villagers have this belief that flour that is grinded with the machine is better than those processed by companies and packed.  

The electric machine works by pouring dry maize is poured into the basin tank.. The machine is then switched on and the motor starts to rotate. The motor is connected by a belt that makes the blades inside rotate. The blades then grind the maize. There is metal sieve inside that allows only flour that is finely grinded to pass through it. Once the fine flour passes the sieve, there is a fan inside that pushes the flour up (NO.3) and consequently the flour ends up at the tank ( No 4) and comes out. 

The advantage of posho mill business is that monitoring the business is very easy. Always, the business is monitored by electricity readings. For example, if one sack of maize is grinded then it will consume 3 units of power. In this way, it is a business that can be monitored even if the owner is not around by using the electric units. When people come to grind their maize, we charge them a fee and that is how the business makes money. The business has also other potential business like selling maize for people to grind or we can grind flour and sell.

Objectives of the Business

  • To enable orphans to further their education beyond primary level

  • To make the organization sustainable



Electric Grinding Machine - US $ 800

Electricity Connection - US $ 100

Constructing Temporary House - US $ 300

Installation Labor - US $ 100

Total - US $ 1300

(additional funds will be provided via other sources)

Explanation of the Budget

Poshomill Machine: The Electric grinding machine is sold at a full package at US $ 800. This includes the motor and the whole body of the machine. 

Electric Connection: Electricity will be connected in the temporary structure that will be built to house the machine. The electricity will drive the motor for the machine to function. The money will be paid to the Kenya Power and Lighting to give us meter box and authorize the electric connection.

Constructing a Temporary House: We already have land next to the market where the electric machine will be installed. We will need to build a house using irons sheets to house the machine.

Installation labor: There are expert who know how to install the posho mill on the ground and also connect the electric machine to electricity. 






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