Banana Growing Project - needs $280

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Banana Growing Project - needs $280




Members: Kakule Saimon / Shamu  Sydne Zaki / Paluku Obed / Kathungu Jovia / Kyakimwa Sophius / Giome Desiza / Esther Kawithe / Lembeste Kakuha / Musonda Mariam / Lhusunzo Sarah / Patricia Lilian / Eligar Happy / Lembe John / Kathungu Beatrace

Address: Kabuyiri / Beni / North Kivu / DR.CONGO

Contact person: Kakule Saimon

Mobile Phone Number: +256779889541  (Shamsuddin) MTN Uganda

Address of the contact person who has the phone account: 

Kabuyiri, Basongora, Beni, democratique republique du Congo

Project Description:

A large number of people live under absolute poverty in a meager condition here in democratique republique du Congo this majorly due to increasing wars here in eastern Congo and deadly diseases. They are deprived from the resources and their livelihood condition is very poor. For transformation of the country into Peace and Prosperous providing means of earning and livelihood is a basic requisite for which banana growing might be one of the options to overcome hunger/famine among congelese. Despite the fact that women have been liberated, they still face a big challenge of poverty amongst them. Women constitute biggest part of the Dr.Congo population. We initiated this banana project after realizing that banana growing can diversify the economy.

Objectives of the project
The main purpose of the current project is to provide an income-generating option for poor marginalized and socially deprived people for contributing toward prosperous country. Following are the specific project purposes:

  • Household income increament/Income generation of ultra-poor farmers through banana growing.

  • Demonstrate possibility and potentiality of semi- commercial banana production system for import substitution.

  • Increased food production among the local people.

  • Conserving the environment since the project is friendly to the environment.

Project Budget (list all items needed and their cost) Total must the $300 or less:

1.    Mobilization…………………….……...…$ 10

2.    Purchase of  banana suckers…….………..$250

3.    Transport of banana suckers..…....……….$ 20

4.    Monitoring………………………………..$ 30

Project Projected Income

On the analysis made before we initiated this project, we found out that one bunch of banana cost $6 and we will plant 100 banana plants where we will accumulate $600 per harvest and after two years, bananas will have multiplied to approximately 300 plants. The money generated from this project will be used in administrative work, helping the vulnerable people especially widows and orphans.

Who Benefits from the Project? 

The ultimate beneficiaries groups envisaged in this banana project will be the resource poor marginalized women of eastern democratique republique du Congo especially widows and orphans plus the disabled.20% will be humanist as usual.

The project will be implemented by Democratique republique du Congo humanist association(DEHASSO)

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