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Brighter Brains Institute Provides Water Barrels for 103 Nigerian Refugees at Al-amin Dagash Camp

By Abdulrahman Aliyu

The Internally Displaced Persons IDPs at the Al-amin Dagash IDP Camp Maiduguri, have just got rid of the water scarcity challenges they have been facing for long. As two generous donors have funded the buying of water reservoirs with a volume of 120 liters to several households 'occupants' of the camp to reserve water for their future use. 

The reservoirs were distributed by Brighter Brains Institute through its representative Sadiq Modu Kura in the city of Maiduguri, about 103 IDPs have benefited from this humanitarian project.

The IDPs have showed their overwhelming appreciation to BBI and to the donors of this needed work, as one of them narrated how she faced challenges of water scarcity due to lack of reservoir. One - Hauwa Musa - a mother of four kidsm said she had only two jerricans to reserve her water each with a volume of 4 liters, but now she has a reservoir that can contain 120 liters of water and this will sustain her for up to 10 days when filled with water.

Appreciation goes to all the participants of this needed work, particularly to Miss Jo Ann Lequang and Mr Scot Delong for their kind gesture towards humanity by funding this humanitarian project.

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