Welcome to the Brighter Brains Institute (BBI)

We're a USA 501c3 non-profit; our EIN# is 46-3953105. Donations are Tax Deductible. 

Our goals are to promote mental health, increase access to secular education, encourage sustainability and support women's equality. 

Our work in Uganda, Nigeria, Ghana, Congo, Tanzania, Kenya, Cameroon, and The Philippines has launched 2 humanist orphanages, 10 humanist schools, 11 clinics (with free condoms), and two university Freethinker Clubs. We've also supported 12 women's collectives, provided humanist scholarships to college, offered apostate support, and presented 40+ Critical Thinking and Entrepreneur workshops. Additionally, we give free college admission presentations and affordable advice to college-bound students in the SF East Bay. 

We partner with humanist/atheist/freethinker/secular groups & 300 generous individuals. Want to join us? 

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Questions? Email brighterbrainsinstitute@gmail.com or phone 415-309-3505